How to Win the Lottery

Lottery wheeling allows players to mathematically arrange a group of lotto numbers across several tickets in order to achieve the most efficient coverage and guarantee a win of a specific minimum prize if the drawing results fall within a certain range of numbers. Once you understand how to effectively use these mathematical patterns to play your lottery numbers, it has been scientifically proven that you will statistically win more multiple-tier prizes.

Although the books below can’t teach you how to win the Powerball jackpot prize or how to win the Mega Millions lottery every time, they still do a fantastic job of showing how you can use statistics and mathematical tricks to greatly increase your odds of winning money.

Of course, all lottery wheel systems require you to pick your own numbers and play multiple tickets, so if you don’t want to waste your time carefully filling out a bunch of cards in front of a cashier before each drawing, you can always buy lottery tickets online from the comfort of your own home.


Lottery Wheels and Numerical Strategies

Lotto Wheel Five to Win

Lottery WheelIf you’re looking for consistently proven results, look no further. 107 first-prize lottery jackpot winners have already won a combined total of over $100 Million using Gail Howard’s lottery wheels and number selection strategies!

As America’s first lottery strategy expert, Gail Howard pioneered the most well-respected and successful lottery systems still used today. She then spent 33 years building international credibility, appearing on hundreds of TV and radio shows, and sharing her methods across the world to help others win the lottery and make their lives better.

This Gail Howard Lottery Wheel book lays out all the details for each of her wheeling systems (including one that won eight first prize jackpots), so you can pick out which ones fit your budget and goals. With over 300 lottery systems to choose from, this book has something for everybody. This includes 50 systems that cost $5 or less, over 100 within a $10 budget, and then many more ranging all the way up to a few hundred dollars.

Combinatorial Systems (Wheels) with Guaranteed Wins

Lottery StrategiesDr. Bluskov is a professor of advanced mathematics who has done thousands of hours of calculations in order to determine the fewest number of tickets players must purchase in order to guarantee specific outcomes.

This combinatorial systems book explains his results in plain English to show how you can strategically play at least five numbers to buy fewer lottery tickets and win more money. And as an added bonus, this book also includes several winning EuroMillions, Mega Millions, and Powerball strategies.

Practically speaking, this book essentially uses advanced mathematics to refine and improve many of the lottery strategies found in Gail Howard’s book above. So unless you’re very detail-oriented or love math, you probably don’t need to buy both of them. However, they do both work extremely well when used alongside this next one:

Lottery Master Guide

How to Win the LotteryLottery Master Guide is the most comprehensive book ever written about scientific lottery strategy. It will make you an authority on lotteries and reduce your odds by millions. By understanding the strategies in this book, you can actually turn a game of chance into a game of skill.

A lot of methods described in this lottery strategy book utilize predictability indicators and pattern recognition to determine which numbers are hot and cold, spot specific numbers for specific drawings, and decide when to play which numbers. Indeed, this book is a must-have for anybody who is serious about playing to win.

And if you are a player who is really serious about learning how to win the lottery, you should consider pairing this book with one of the two books above. That way, you can use the Lottery Master Guide to decide which numbers to select for the basis of your lottery wheel each drawing, and then you can plug those numbers into one of the lotto wheel strategies found in the previously mentioned books.


Metaphysical Visualization and the Law of Attraction

These books are totally unlike the ones above. But although the results of these alternative methods are difficult to measure, they have certainly received lots of attention and positive reviews.

If you’ve ever heard of the best-selling book The Secret, then you may already be familiar with the basic concepts behind the Law of Attraction.
Well, the books in this 2-part series were written by a repeat lottery winner who specifically describes how those concepts can be used to create a powerful force that can attract money and manifest your desires.

Manifest Your Millions

Lottery WinnerLottery-winning author, Eddie Coronado, begins the first book by explaining exactly what the Law of Attraction is and how it responds to your thoughts. He goes on to describe the Power of Affirmations and the quantum effects that Creative Visualization can have on the world around us. After carefully explaining how to begin effectively utilizing the infinite power of these concepts, the book concludes with a chapter about the importance of Prosperity Action Plans and how they can be used to manifest lottery prizes.

In this way, Manifest Your Millions “emphasizes how important it is to actually spend time doing these exercises every day as opposed to just reading about them, the same way a bodybuilder needs to spend some time every day doing exercises to accomplish his goal.”

How To Win The Lottery

How to Win the LotteryThe second book of this series includes the manifestation techniques of a few other people who were able to use the Law of Attraction to figure out how to win the lottery. Although there are a few key differences between each winner’s exercises, it is very interesting to see the exact steps each person took to win the lottery.

And although many other books about the subject tend to gloss over the important details regarding exactly how to achieve your goals, in How To Win The Lottery with the Law of Attraction, four lottery winners share their manifestation techniques by offering plenty of very specific how-to information that includes practical tips on visualizing and exercises to improve the manifesting process.