Lottery Services

Lottery Services

AfterLotto offers the following personal lottery services to those who have won jackpots of at least $5 million.

Under certain conditions, however, we can accommodate winners of smaller amounts, so please feel free to .

Tax Attorneys

AfterLotto’s familiarity with federal and state tax laws can drastically reduce the amount you are required to pay out after winning the lottery. Our experts will address your unique situation to help you decide whether to receive your lottery winnings in payments or as one lump sum and then help protect your money and identity when you collect.
With so many complicated tax laws, you cannot afford to leave anything to chance. If you’re not careful, you can even be taxed for giving your money away. So let us help minimize your taxes while keeping you out of trouble with the IRS.

Legal Representation

You will have a team of experts to take the nerves and guesswork out of your decisions by combining extensive knowledge and experience to protect your privacy, assets, and general well-being after winning the lottery. Enjoy the blissful relief from knowing you have people constantly removing vulnerability from your life and actively preventing bad things from happening to you. It’s the next best thing to having a guardian angel.

Financial Services

You will have access to the people and resources necessary to ensure you can live your desired lifestyle for years to come. We will help you make smart investments and get the most from your money. By managing your finances properly after winning the lottery, you will actually have even more money to spend however you’d like. So contact us now to avoid making the same common mistakes lottery winners make with their money.

Concierge Services

Believe it or not, there are a lot of things you will have trouble buying even though you have plenty of money to pay for them. But don’t worry. We can help whether you’re looking to buy a suit, a private jet, or anything in between. AfterLotto can help track down those rare, hard-to-find items on your wish list. We can help you decorate or even build a new house. Heck, we could even fill your swimming pool with chocolate pudding. Just tell us your dreams, and we’ll make them your reality.

Real Estate and Travel Agents

Whether you are looking to get out of town temporarily or permanently, our agents can help get you wherever you’d like.

Personal Advice

People rarely anticipate the mental strain and personal complications associated with coming into great wealth. Although it can (and certainly should) be a joyous experience, both positive and negative emotions run high, people seem to change, and personal relationships are put to the test. After winning the lottery, there will suddenly be pressure to use your newfound wealth to help those around you. Whether this includes charitable organizations, close family and friends, or your second cousin’s barber’s dog, we can help steer you in the right direction when nobody else seems to understand.

Now that you know what we do, take a quick look at what you need to do after winning the lottery.